2 Weeks out: Feeling like hammered dog shit

I’m sick. Although this was common in my earlier bodybuilding shows I’ve been very lucky until this year for colds. As I’ve said before, the kids started school and came home with a slew of exciting new germs. I also started working with the public again which is a lethal setting for viruses.


Since the start of the new school year we’ve had a series of sicknesses including strep, walking pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, basic every day cold, but at different times. Just like many other families, our colds are cyclical, and by the time one person is over it, the next person is beginning to get sick again.

As if that isn’t bad enough, my daughter came home twice with two different cases of ring worm. Although that’s easy to treat; the lice was not. Yes– she came home with lice– and it was passed on to my son and to me. The task of killing those little bastards was much harder than I imagined, although I’m not sure what I was thinking? I have tons of hair and so does my daughter so my combing skills were put to the test.

Anyhow, our house has become a petri dish and this week it’s my turn to be sick. I’m 99% sure it is the flu, but I’ve been wrong before. However, I am sick and feel like hammered dog shit

With all that is going on, I’m not sure how I’ll fare at my next show. I have exactly two weeks left until show time and I haven’t exercised in three days. I came off the diet several times because I just can’t stomach it when I’m sick. Looking at oats and eggs  makes me feel even sicker.

Alright, that’s enough of my own self-pitying bullshit. Regardless, I plan to continue through it. I’ve trained very hard up until now to not do the show.


One thought on “2 Weeks out: Feeling like hammered dog shit

  1. You can’t say you life is dull! If it was anyone but you, I’d be concerned. You are a survivor of the highest order. Yet, after coming to the end of my 10 days “to-Hell-with-it-all” bed rest, I wouldn’t blame you if you just said enough is enough. I support you no matter what! Hugs all around! xo

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