Playing hooky with bronchitis

Playing hooky with bronchitis

Today is my third day at home from work. I’ve got an awesome case of bronchitis, and the cough is horrific as with many cases of bronchitis. Although I feel well enough to go to work, there’s no client who wants me to cough all over them. It’s not only a health concern, but highly unprofessional. At least in my opinion it is. The other problem with the bronchitis are the coughing fits I have at night. Unless I am sitting up to sleep I cough the entire time. To say that I’m not getting sleep is an understatement. 

Christmas is here. Can you believe it?

What's under your Christmas tree?

What’s under your Christmas tree?

I’ve been at home writing and reading, and ordering Christmas gifts. Can you believe it? It’s Christmas already. The last I looked it just turned 2012. The time is speeding past me.

This is the first year in eight years that I have personally been able to afford gifts. Although Christmas is not about money, I do enjoy being able to buy a nice gift for my family members during the holidays.

Shopping in February

I’ve also decided that some time in February I’m taking myself shopping. A full on shopping spree–in my affordability range, of course to buy some overdue, but needed clothes. I’ve made an effort to wear real clothes, other than gym attire, when I’m not at work. I’m so accustomed to wearing workout clothes that it’s become a hard habit to break.

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One thought on “Playing hooky with bronchitis

  1. I’m not sure I would put “awesome” and “bronchitis” together lol but I’m so happy to see you’re on the mends. I’m glad you’re being able to do some Christmas shopping. It sounds like you’re going to have a fun Christmas. I think that’s awesome you plan to do some shopping for yourself in February so you can wear real clothes. 😉

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