I’m only doing USBF Bodybuilding shows this year

I have competed in five different organizations, and coached girls for several others. However, I had a good run with the USBF and feel like I found an organization that appreciates the same things I appreciate. For this reason, I’m only competing with the USBF this year.  Here’s why:

2013 SuperNova Flyer

2013 SuperNova Flyer

1. Athlete’s treatment

I’ve done two USBF shows and was very happy with the athlete’s treatment. Everything from goodie bags to judging seemed on point. There is always a chance for issues, but the SuperNova and the Natural Pro/Am proved otherwise.

2. Speedy responses

In essence, there is nothing that sets me off more than a promoter who won’t answer an e-mail or phone call, or one who responds four weeks later. If I find this to be the case I won’t do the show. Luckily, this has never happened with the USBF.

3. No polygraph, just urinalysis

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I hate taking an extra day off to travel for a polygraph the day before a show. It really messes up work for both my husband and I since he takes off to watch the kids.

In some cases, the USBF shows are a little farther than I would normally travel; however, since there isn’t polygraph I can use that extra money on gas.

4. Saves money

By competing in one organization I save money because I don’t pay for separate organization fees.  Several organization cards increases the cost by a couple hundred dollars. Even with a sponsor, I don’t waste their money on unnecessary fees.

5. Punctuality

One of the most important aspects of any bodybuilding show is not the trophy. It’s not the other competitors. It’s not seating or lack there-of. For me; it’s punctuality. I can’t stand to participate in a bodybuilding show that starts late. I think it represents bad organizational skills, and I don’t want to be part of that.

I also think the least a promoter can do is start their show on time. After months of dieting the last thing any competitor wants is to wait for a show to start. I’ve been in shows that have started nearly two hours late.  That’s unacceptable; especially when you’re hungry or dehydrated.

6. Judging criteria 

I was pleased with the USBF judges. I’m sure there were dissatisfied athletes, but that wasn’t how I felt. I also received prompt feedback from the head judge, and am taking her advice for this year’s shows.


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