Ha! Fooled you! I’m not pregnant. I’m bloated. 

Ha! Fooled you! I’m not pregnant. I’m bloated. 

I rarely mention my menstrual cycle because 1. People get grossed out, and 2. No one cares, but it has become a very painful time for me.Since my children’s births I have suffered from serious premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and heavy menstrual cycles. Although many women suffer from this ghastly episode each month; each woman’s’ PMS varies, and mine is brutal.Unfortunately, my cycles have become harsher and more severe. I have the basic symptoms of bloating, light spotting and cramping. However, there are symptoms that nearly debilitate me for days. Lethargy, headaches, low grade fevers, and the worst by far, joint aches.For the most part, my right elbow takes the brunt of this pain, but my hands and knees also become very stiff.  Sometimes it is so painful that I have difficulties extending my arm fully, and last month I could barely bend my fingers.

Unbelievably, these symptoms disappear by the end of the first day of my menstrual cycle. However, PMS symptoms may disappear, but that’s when heavy bleeding takes over. Normally, for nearly two solid days I can’t go over an hour without becoming a bloody mess.

To say this is putting a cramp in my style–no pun intended–is an understatement. It makes my normal activities difficult, and leaves me with no energy.


3 thoughts on “Ha! Fooled you! I’m not pregnant. I’m bloated. 

  1. The joys of being a woman! Leave it to you to lead the way, as always. We all need to discuss this topic more, especially as we get older. My doctor told me women who exercise don’t have as many cramping and bleeding problems. So much for that theory. I encourage you to have an exam please. My past experience speaks to this. I wish you comfort and healing. – dara xo

    • It has become a big concern of mine. I am now on the search for a very good OB/GYN because my symptoms have heightened. I can not be the only woman to struggle like this, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to talk about it.

      We live in a nation that fights for the rights of every inanimate to animate objects, but anything on the subject of ovaries is taboo.

      It’s time to make a change.

  2. With all of modern technology/medicine you would think they would find relief for what you suffer. I’m thankful you don’t suffer what I did — I was “outright mean” to everyone when my period was coming. LOL I have a great OB/GYN doctor. She’s a female and perhaps she may have insight that men don’t. Let me know if you want her information. She’s close to you.

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