Time off from work and working out

My Chunk

My Chunk

My, my. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. With work, and the kids, it seems like there’s never enough time to get everything done. However here’s an update on what’s going on.

Acute bronchitis and asthma for Chunk

Saturday night was a rough one. My Chunk was up all night coughing, vomiting and wheezing. I got up to take him to the E.R. and he dozed off. I hesitated. I waited. He slept. It made me nervous and when he finally woke, at 7:30 we dressed and headed to the doctor.

We learned that my little buddy has acute bronchitis, and asthma. I was surprised, but I’m not sure why? My husband is asthmatic, and I have eczema. My biological grandfather and father both have had a form of one or the other.

However; it’s still scary when your children are sick, and I felt like a complete ass of a mother for not waking my buddy and taking him straight to the E.R.

Severe sinusitis for mom

I, however, have been sick for over a week now. Friday, May 31, I woke with no voice. I felt fine, but couldn’t talk. I’m sure my husband loved this.

I didn’t have a voice for three solid days. Then my voice came back, but green snot and clogged ears are the trade-off. Throughout the week, these too also “disappeared” and I was left with extreme facial pain, and coughing.

For the germaphobes

For the germaphobes.

Great. It’s a sinus infection. I knew it, and then the doctor confirmed that it was sinusitis.

I’ve suffered from sinusitis all my life, but this bout is a real doozy. The coughing is so painful, as it affects my hip area (from a previous injury). The sinusitis is so out of hand that the excessive coughing is causing migraines and nausea; which makes it hard to keep food down. I blow chunks each time I eat, and the lights cause my head to hurt and spin even more.

My ears are still clogged, but I am starting to get some of my hearing back. I have only left the house a couple of times, and that was for medicine or to get the kids from school.

Time off from work and working out

Although there is no such thing as R & R when you have kids I’ve taken it as easy as possible. My Chunk bounced back quickly, and is already back at school while I am still glued to the couch or bed.

I haven’t been to work for the last three days, and I’m debating on taking one more day off since I feel very weak, and I still have this obnoxious cough. Hopefully, I’ll start regaining strength since I was able to hold down my first real meal this morning.

As for working out– That’s a no-no until my sinuses clear. With my ears in the shape they’re in, I’m afraid the pressure of lifting heavy weights would cause a serious ear injury. I’ve also come off the competition nutrition plan since I couldn’t keep food down, and I’m to the point I’ll eat anything that stays in my stomach.

12 weeks 4 days out 

Of course, this all puts a bit of a monkey wrench in my competition plans. Luckily, I’m far enough out that I can make the necessary changes later, but for now my only focus is to get well. As much as I like to compete; I’m a big believer in longevity– on every level.

Don’t do something stupid now that’s going to affect me when I’m 60.


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