Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I have spent hours deciding whether to add an about me, welcome, or about this blog page. In fact, I’ve had more than four about pages on this site, only to remove them because they weren’t exactly “me.” On the other hand, readers may want a little insight to this blog so I’ve decided to give it another go.


I began this blog as a journey into bodybuilding, but it grew into something more. So much more that I’ve changed the name of it several times, and changed the theme on more occasions than I can count. Like other blogs, this reflects the current events in my life and my personality. Over time the contents grew from bodybuilding, nutrition and fitness to an array of topics including Korean Memoirs and chasing the Elmo Ice Cream truck in my bare feet.

Moreover, the topics are realistic, but not negative. It’s not that I always see the glass half full, but every person has their own worries, negative vibes and problems, and the last thing any reader needs is to add more negativity to their day.

I also believe that our problems are trivial in comparison to the powers of the universe, so why complain? Before you ask, “What does she know about my problems?” please understand that this blog, Predictably Un·pre·dict·a·ble, is written by a woman who lost nearly everything in a previous life. Instead of complaining; I learned to improvise, adapt and overcome.

I hope you enjoy what you read.



P.S. I’ve never been in the Marines, but I love our troops.


2 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. Yes, this name says it all. I like it. I think you are so multi-faceted that people shouldn’t be restricted to only knowing one side of you. There are so many beautiful sides to know! xo

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